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Katherine Araniello is a performance/video artist and creator of SBC (Sick Bitch Crip). This blog includes her films, digital images and SBC’s latest musings. The concept behind her work is to disrupt and use satire in current issues relating to disability such as assisted suicide, media representation, prejudice, charity, ignorance and body aesthetics.

Artist Katherine Araniello’s response to the SMA Poster Campaign with accompanying image

6 May 2014


In April 2014 three young children were murdered by their mother and the media coverage highlighted the ‘severe degenerative condition’ and thus once again perpetuated the negative stereotype of impairment, which is defined as ‘Spinal Muscular Atrophy’ (SMA). The media focused on their condition and reinforced the medical diagnosis underlining the severity of SMA and the medical requirements associated with this disease including requiring 24 hour care. I was compelled...

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‘Screw the Taboo’ Performance by Katherine Araniello and Jenna Finch

1 May 2014


Performance on May 15 8 PM At The Yard Theatre, Unit 2A Queen’s Yard White Post Lane Hackney Wick London E9 5EN Katherine Araniello and Jenna Finch premier their performance ‘Screw the Taboo’. They adopt a deadpan approach in the execution of their performances and the material is twisted and subverted. Through Karaoke, Blow Me Down, Candy Crushing and Backward Bingo they see the faults and failures of innocence tempting and want to share their findings with the audience in a...

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