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Closing Down Ceremony / 14 October 2012

Having been inspired by the Paralympics paraphernalia of London 2012 as an audience participant in the Opening Ceremony and watching the Closing Ceremony on TV.  Subjected to relentless coverage of inspirational stories and super humans doing amazing things, we were all suffering from the Paralympics one way or another. 

I certainly was inspired by the tremendous atmosphere of the Olympic village and the 'hype the public'  tactics to increase viewing figures. So when I was invited to do a performance for LUPA (lock up performance art) it felt only right to do a performance along the theme of the Paralympics.

I also felt this was my second chance to get involved with the Olympic frenzy as earlier this year I had received an official e-mail asking if I would be interested in performing in the ceremony as part of a core team of wheelchair performers. I was devastated when my pre-booked holiday dates clashed with the 30 something days of rehearsals and sadly had to decline.

But I was now the instigator, visionary and artistic director of my very own Closing Down Ceremony and okay I failed to get professor Hawking on my team but I did get Anne Redmond (artist) and Marja Commandeur (long-term suffering PA) in my core team. The exceptional talent that all three of us possessed culminated in a hyped up frenzied state of euphoria coupled with a grim, sardonic atmosphere, perfect for my interpretation of the closing ceremony.

The audience was labelled with  categorisation of their Olympic impairment and inspirational words. They excitedly followed us into the garage and were then locked inside. Only a few elite people will ever know what happened inside that garage on the night of 28 September 2012

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