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SickBitchCrips Christmas Special and introducing Miss Scoliosis / 30 November 2012

SickBitchCrips are anxious and concerned about rumours of a new Crip on the block.  Her name is Miss Scoliosis! SickBitchCrips have become accustomed to hogging the limelight and whispers have left them feeling utterly dismayed.  They are hoping that Miss Scoliosis embraces the medical model, only making an appearance when Charity has raised enough funds to buy Miss Scoliosis a specially adapted wheelchair that she can drive off Beachy Head; or maybe a holiday for the handicapped in Lourdes where she will be cured and become normal. SickBitchCrips are out of their minds trying to find ways to get rid of her. They are hoping that maybe she's interested in going on an all expenses paid holiday to Zürich, never to return. They are currently in talks with the BBC, Sky and any other TV companies who are happy to sensationalise and film Miss Scoliosis ending her treacherous life.

In the meantime SickBitchCrips have cobbled together their heart-warming Christmas film which will entertain and simultaneously teach us the invaluable principle of inclusivity. SickBitchCrips have been forced to air their Christmas special prematurely in the hope that the gaze will revert back to them and that Miss Scoliosis will simply vanish without trace.

SickBitchCrips have an affinity towards Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, which is why they have hijacked and exploited cute little Rudolph for a cameo role in their first ever SickBitchCrips Christmas special. SickBitchCrips are strong believers in the Christmas spirit and firmly believe that Christmas is about binging and purging on people that dare to misunderstand them.

Miss Scoliosis believes that she has an 'invisible disability' but SickBitchCrips know that she's a twisted fucker! Miss Scoliosis is known to operate under a multitude of diseases and although severe curvature of the spine is one of her traits, SickBitchCrips are paranoid that Miss Scoliosis may have against all the odds managed to infiltrate and have the audacity to appear in their SickBitchCrips Christmas special. 

Miss Scoliosis is determined to be visible despite SickBitchCrips crippling intentions towards her demise. Miss Scoliosis is a fighter and believes there is a battle ahead and she will win it even if it does mean playing dirty and taking on multiple disabilities.  Miss Scoliosis is delighted with her appearance on SickBitchCrips Christmas special and is waiting for further opportunities to sabotage and hijack their work.

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