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Gallery: urban wastelands, desolate places by Kit Wells

The Paintings 2010 - The Figure in the Urban Landscape

Painting of a group of abstract figures in an urban landscape

Arches Group II. Ink and Acrylic on MDF board © Kit Wells

By exploring our urban wastelands and desolate places in his paintings, Kit Wells points up human frailty and helplessness in a landscape created for man’s ease of living, but resulting in an inner-city hell.

The images represent an urban and visual realisation of the nature of man, depicting the human form in the created environment; the dissolution of human clay into the surrounding concrete of London railway arches, concrete walkways and car parks.

Acrylic and ink on gessoed board and canvas.

John Piper, Henry Moore, Walter Sickert amongst others.

Kit Wells has taught art in colleges and schools in London and Yorkshire as well as working as a journalist, film-maker and editor.

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