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> > > Liz Crow: Bedding In, Bedding Out - a live durational performance
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Liz Crow presents her new work 'Bedding In, Bedding Out' which is one of the eight Diverse Perspectives commissions funded by Arts Council's Grants for the Arts. Drawing on audio recordings and time lapse photography of the performance, Reflections from the Bed introduces the work, its backdrop and its politics.

Bedding In Bedding Out is a live durational performance by artist-activist Liz Crow. It emerges from the current welfare benefits overhaul, which threatens many with poverty and with a propagandist campaign that has seen disability hate crime leap by 50%.

Says Liz, “I wear a public self that is energetic, dynamic and happening. I am also ill and spend much of life in bed. The private self is neither beautiful nor grownup, it does not win friends or accolades, and I conceal it carefully."

“But for me, along with thousands more, the new system of benefits demands a reversal: my public self implies I don’t need support and must be denied, whilst my private self must be paraded as justification for the state’s support."

From 1-3 November 2012, 'Bedding In' featured at SPILL Festival, a leading artist-led festival of experimental theatre, live art and performance held in Ipswich Art School Gallery,

Each day Crow put her 'private self' on show in bed, and invited members of the public to Bedside Conversations, gathering round the bed or perching upon it to talk about the work, its backdrop, its politics.

As a follow-up to the work at SPILL Festival, the Bedding Out installation will be on show at Salisbury Arts Centre from Tuesday 5 March to Tuesday 9 April

From Wednesday 10 April to Friday 12 April Liz Crow will take up residence in her bed for 48 hours for the Bedding Out durational performance.

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