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Flat Soufflee at Supernormal Festival / 15 August 2012

I've been away from Camden for a week but return today to dig in for the rest of the residency, until November. Last weekend I performed with my band, Flat Soufflee, at Supernormal Festival (Braziers Park, south of Oxford) a very small, independent music festival. We applied to set ourselves up as a cult, wearing all-white clothes. It was great fun, not least because Aaron Williamson joined us as Grand Master for the first two days.

Aaron led us in call and response versions of Stones classics (Mick Jagger visited Braziers when he was dating Marianne Faithful, who's father ran the commune there). We also chanted by a suckling pig, played cricket with grapes, and performed an acoustic set on the Sunday night - film forthcoming - which I'll likely show at CAC.