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Sophie Partridge has performed in several productions with Graeae Theatre Company, including the award-winning Peeling and Flower Girls. She has worked with David Glass Ensemble, Theatre Resource and Theatre Workshop. She has a French Canadian Mum, an 82 year-old Dad, two sisters, one brother, various uncles, aunts and cousins, great friends, good PAs and several virtual dogs. What more does a Girl need?!

Public bodies, disability on display...

10 October 2011


18th century print of an elderly blind woman

On 15 September I was asked by the Royal College of Surgeons to speak about `public bodies, disability on display’. As someone with a very visible impairment, I do feel I’m always on display.  Display itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. I’d certainly rather that than being shut away somewhere, hidden from view.  The quest for me always, is to gain as much control as possible over how I’m displayed. Whether that’s simply by my choice of clothes as I trundle up...

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