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Sophie Partridge has performed in several productions with Graeae Theatre Company, including the award-winning Peeling and Flower Girls. She has worked with David Glass Ensemble, Theatre Resource and Theatre Workshop. She has a French Canadian Mum, an 82 year-old Dad, two sisters, one brother, various uncles, aunts and cousins, great friends, good PAs and several virtual dogs. What more does a Girl need?!

Big Lounge versus Big Society?

3 August 2011


photo of sophie partridge wearing a bright pink wig

Yesterday, having had a Care Manager / Social Worker imagine I can walk because she "didn’t want to wrongly assume I couldn’t", I’m really not in the mood to do the ConDems any favours. Not that I ever was! On realising I was not, as she had wrongly assumed, "able to manage a few steps(!?)" she then wrote in my Care Plan of my inability to Mobilise. What am I? An armoured tank?! In this so-called Big Society, I’d probably be better supported if I was. In an attempt to...

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