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Sophie Partridge has performed in several productions with Graeae Theatre Company, including the award-winning Peeling and Flower Girls. She has worked with David Glass Ensemble, Theatre Resource and Theatre Workshop. She has a French Canadian Mum, an 82 year-old Dad, two sisters, one brother, various uncles, aunts and cousins, great friends, good PAs and several virtual dogs. What more does a Girl need?!

Blending the personal and the political

8 March 2016


As no doubt many of you will know, it’s hard work being a freelance artist, especially if you’re what I lovingly call a 'Bendy Person' – someone like me with a very obvious physical impairment and what are deemed high access needs – and recently, this has taken a toll on my “well-being”...  Government Cuts, however rosy a picture they try to paint, have made it increasingly difficult for disabled people, including those of us who work in the Arts...

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