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> > > Internationally acclaimed artist Sue Austin launches “Immersed in 360”

Following over 150 million views of her signature underwater wheelchair performance and powerful TED talk, internationally acclaimed artist Sue Austin curates new work, inviting you to become ‘Immersed in 360’ at the innovative Salisbury Arts Centre this spring.

Doughnut image from GP360 camera showing artist Sue Austin amongst coral in her underwater wheelchair

Doughnut image from GP360 camera. Film still & original video © Trish Wheatley.

This research exhibition features dance and performance on video by Kevin Clifford and Sue Austin, creating a fully immersive audience experience using Oculus VR headsets and projection onto stunning, ethereal 360 degree installations.

As part of the research the artwork is filmed on two alternative  360º  camera systems including the 360º EyeCam developed by Dan Burton at Underwater Images.

“I’m completely passionate about 360° imagery because it’s a new aesthetic, it’s very powerful,” says Austin. “But I also realise that the costs make it inaccessible to most, so this project is specifically about developing 360° in a way that’s useable and affordable for the arts sector and beyond.”

Providing inspiring art experiences to the viewer that are both exciting and meditative, the project has been supported by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts and is presented through portable 360° interactive headsets plus affordable, transportable 360° installations. 

‘Immersed in 360’ is an exhibition of prototypes which will also research home and community based audiences currently excluded from accessing arts venues due to disabling physical, psychological, and financial barriers. 

See a selection of films by Sue Austin and Kevin Clifford during the 360º exhibitions along with film screenings of 360º films from AFFINITY, the 360º technology hub at Plymouth University.

Visitors are encouraged to participate in the research, particularly on the Wednesday of each exhibition when members of the SERIO research team, based at Plymouth University will be there to ask for responses from people about their experiences of the exhibition. 

Living Options in Devon will be visiting peoples’ homes who cannot attend the exhibitions in person. The project team can be contacted via for those interested in taking part.

The exhibition previewed at The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington last week. ‘Immersed in 360’ moves to Salisbury Arts Centre from 5-7 May where Sue Austin will also present a series of talks and workshops alongside the exhibition.

Jo Bannon is also featuring at Salisbury Arts Centre on 5 May with 'Exposure' - a live art performance first developed with Unlimited funding.

Please click on this link to her 'Freewheeling' website, to find out more about Sue Austin's work