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> > > Crippen and John O'Donoghue present The O’Crypes
4 July 2012

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Crippen's O'Crypes title frame cartoon introducing all the characters in the cartoon blog

Crippen's O'Crypes title frame cartoon introducing all the characters in the cartoon blog

To celebrate the Cultural Olympiad we have enlisted the help of The O’Crypes, a family based in Westsea, a seaside town in the South of England. 

Like most of us they’re up against it at the moment. And perhaps like quite a few of us they’re a little bit in the dark about what the Cultural Olympiad is all about. Is this a summer of bread and circuses as services are cut and benefits ‘rationalised’ or is this the moment when the country unites to show off our artistry, creativity, and inventiveness to the world?

So over the course of the summer we’ll be checking in regularly with The O’Crypes. We’ll be getting updates from them on their experience of the Cultural Olympiad as the Olympics and the Paralympics get ever closer.

We asked each member of The O’Crypes to introduce themselves. Here’s what they said:

Brad, 16. I’m into sport. Not sure about the Cultural Olympiad – there seems to be so much going on. I’m excited about the Paralympics though.

Gramps. I’m 78, still pretty fit considering I was a miner. Brass bands are my cup of tea – I used to be in one. I was a tuba player.  I’m proud to call myself a socialist . There are still some of us left, you know. These cuts – they disgust me. Billions on the Olympics, a pittance for the young, the old, the disabled. What sort of country is this?

Hi, I’m Jood . I’m supposed to have learning difficulties. But I think a lot of the people who taught me had teaching difficulties ;-) My old school is putting on a big dance show and I’m in it. I’m very excited!

I’m Nan, not in the best of health – my hearing and sight are going and I get quite a few aches and pains, but I mustn’t grumble.  I used to be a seamstress, but I can’t do much now because of my arthritis. But I still take an interest in fashion and I like watching a good  film.

I’m Mrs O’Crype although why I’m still a Mrs I’m not sure. My husband died ten years ago, when the children were quite small . He was a fisherman, drowned at sea. I still miss him…. What do I like? I go to art classes at the local college, so I suppose you could say I like art.

I’m Nabs – I live in the family’s attic. I don’t want to say too much about myself.  I come from a country where there has been a lot of trouble. I have had enough of trouble. I like poetry and literature.

We mustn’t forget Mutt. He lost most of a hind leg when a car ran over it. When there was a street party for the Jubilee down the O’Crypes’ street, Mutt took delight in running about  and jumping up to savage the bunting when no one was looking. Brad calls him a ‘bunt saboteur’.

So – The O’Crypes.

Let them know what you think about their Cultural Olympiad – and let us know about yours.

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