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The 2014 round of the UNLIMITED programme supports 26 disabled artists and companies across the UK to create ambitious work covering all genres. Dao is pleased to announce that we are the official media partner for the exciting Unlimited programme led by Shape and ArtsAdmin. As well as populating Dao with reviews and interviews with the Unlimited artists and producer, we've published this blog, which contains reflections from our writers on aspects of the Unlimited Festival at the Southbank Centre 2-7 September 2014.

Owen Lowery reading at the Southbank Centre on 7 September

15 September 2014


up close portrait of Owen Lowery, poet, with his face turned side-on

By John O'Donoghue I was a little underwhelmed last week by the Poetry Book Society’s announcement of the ‘Next Generation of 20 Poets expected to dominate the poetry landscape of the coming decade.' For one thing I’m sceptical about marketing campaigns that seek to highlight poets and poetry. The Great British Public seems as indifferent to their bards as they are to their politicians, as if the two tribes are becoming beleaguered, endangered species. And whilst...

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