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Vince Laws is a poet, artist, performer, campaigner. He writes poetry, performs poetry and makes visual poetry, paintings, collage, posters, film, installations and recordings: “As an artist, I define what art is. As a poet, I define what a poem is. If my art can be anything from a painting to a concept, so can my poetry. I am a poem.”

Vince publishes a Poem for a Wedding

25 May 2011


poem artwork which reads I'll take my vows and lie with you on a bed of fresh lime leaves

I was commissioned to write a poem for a wedding. Here it is. Vows Would you care to dance with me through tunnels of trees and lime leaves so sharply green I fear for our safety? Take me by the hand and let’s enjoy a long slow waltz old fashioned maybe but far from false. Would you care to dance with me beneath boughs and across a floral veranda? Any dance will do if it’s danced with you - a foxtrot or a samba. Would you care to dance with me? Lead me to the floor and embrace me...

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Vince Laws invites contributions for the Living Poem

16 May 2011


It started as an idea. What would happen if you asked people to add words to a poem? Or substitute words? I’ll find out on Saturday 14th May when The Living Poem is launched (7.30-9.30pm) at St Margaret’s Church of Art, St Benedict’s Street, Norwich, as part of the annual Fringe Festival. In fact I’ve been allocated such a generous space there will be 6 Living Poems, with the public invited to answer the following questions: What do you believe in? What mistake did you...

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