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> > > Gallery: Vince Laws - HM The Queen Never... plaques

Vince Laws has been busy with a series of blue plaques commemorating things HM The Queen Never Did... He posts a selection on DAO

blue plaque on a wall next to bunting  reading HM The Queen Visited This House

It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year. She has reigned over us for 60 years. I have nothing against the Queen. I haven't met her. I think she's handled an almost impossible position very well. I just don't think that we need to hold one family up on high, as a birthright. I don't think it helps create a more equal society.

HM the QUEEN NEVER VISITED THIS HOUSE was the first plaque in the series and will hang outside my house until it disintegrates and crumbles to dust. Since then I've painted about 15 HM the QUEEN NEVER plaques, some suggested by other people.

I hope they catch attention, make people think, make people smile. I like that they are a bit silly. I've made them into giant postcards so they can go through the Royal Mail uncovered and with the Queen's head on the back.

And I like that I live in a society that allows me to think and say all this without losing my head.

Vince Laws - poet, artist, performer, campaigner is holding an Open House event in Oulton, Norfolk. Go to his website for details